Friday, September 11, 2009

What Is Autism or Aspergers syndrome Really?

Ive seen many definitions and many characterization's about this subject and it seems to me people in the Autistic community parrot what they read about others. And even parents are guilty of perpetuating stereotypes.

I have a hard time boxing myself in or my son in by some of the junk I read.
It is as if once you are dxed with a syndrome you now enter into clone territory.
Its very frustrating sometimes because people want simple answers to complex issues.

Each person on the Autistic spectrum has a unique set of "let me say" "Quirks"
Each person on the Autistic spectrum has their own set of morals.
Each person on the autistic spectrum has their own set of ideas about a range of subjects.
Can people on the autistic spectrum talk about more than one limited subject? Yes and perhaps No and everything in between.

Personally I do not write like I am gifted, I have maybe a 6 year old child's grasp of Math, I am versed in many things like medicine and some psychology , I am somewhat OCDish, Things upset me sometimes like dental pain and I get mad and confused and start making snap decisions about what doctor to go to. I have a hard time trusting people. I have been abused in my past. I have been told I try to control people when I didn't know what that meant... My fear has ruled me,,,, I slept in my Mother's bed until I was about 19, not all the time of course but once in a while cause I was scared of the Dark. I am not scared of the Dark any more. I found out what Stars were when I was about 35, before that I thought they were planets,, now I know they are suns.
I know now there isn't a person on the planet that is exactly like me, in the past I thought maybe some day I would meet someone exactly like me,,, but I know that to be a Fallacy today.

Oh and I do not spell very well either...
Some People think that people with Autism or Aspergers Syndrome all have a Genius in something. I have found that to be another Fallacy.
We Are Not All Geniuses!
Some of us are Very good at somethings >>> Yes sometimes that is true But it is also true that some of us have a very limited set of skills or verbal talent or no verbal talent at all.
Some of us Need a Lot of Help in Navagaiting the World and the World doesn't often Understand that.

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laurentius rex said...

I ask myself much the same question all the time too.

I started out with one opinion, and pretty much a hand me down one, and now I am questioning whether anyone can truly come up with a convincing description at all.

I once heard a lecture on Shakespeare, it was about the way different movies had interpreted Shakespeare and the general conclusion was that every age has had there own interpretation of Shakespeare that was valid for that age and meant something to the viewer then. In hindsight we can see that those old movies said more about the times they were made in than about Shakespeares universality.

I think it is the same about the definition of Autism, just like the true definitive interpretation of a Shakespeare play, it is as Haile Sellasies said of the United Nations concept of freedom "a fleeting illusion, to be pursued but never attained " and until then everything is war.

With DSMV in the offing, I think that is the proof.